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Never content to rest on our laurels, Pinnacol Assurance has set our sights on being best in the nation. Our name itself (a play on "pinnacle") reflects a commitment to being the peak performer in the workers' compensation industry. And its spelling ("col" at the end, instead of "cle") recognizes our heritage and dedication to the people of Colorado.

Helping our customers reach the pinnacle of success in Colorado is what we're all about. It's what our name says, but, more importantly, it reflects our entire way of doing business. We perform at the peak, so that you can too.

Colorado's Choice for Workers' Compensation

Pinnacol was established 100 years ago as the assured source of workers' comp coverage for Colorado companies, regardless of their size or risk — a role we continue to fill today. Over the years, we've grown from industry pioneer to Colorado's choice for workers' compensation. Today, approximately 56,000 customers across Colorado have made Pinnacol their carrier of choice. We look forward to another century of providing compassionate care for injured workers and supporting the success of Colorado employers.

Anchor in the Marketplace

Competitors have come and gone with changes in Colorado's business climate. But not Pinnacol. Our financial stability and commitment to Colorado have made us an anchor in the insurance marketplace. Particularly during this tough economy, our financial strength is a comfort to the policyholders, agents, and injured employees who rely on us. By running an efficient and entrepreneurial business, we've built a surplus that will usher Pinnacol through the uncertain times ahead.

Helping Keep Workplaces Safe

Pinnacol goes the extra mile to help customers create safe workplaces and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. We offer policyholders an extensive collection of free safety and risk management training and educational materials. And we're proud to employ the largest team of safety consultants in the state of Colorado, whose services are available to policyholders at no cost.

Personal Service and Satisfied Customers

When you choose Pinnacol, you gain a level of expertise that you're unlikely to find with other insurers. That's because Colorado workers' compensation is all that we do, which is why we do it so well. Internally, we've created a culture that cares deeply about delivering a personal level of service, with patience and compassion. In fact, we're often told by customers that our employees are among the friendliest and most helpful of any business they deal with. This is reflected by the fact that 87 percent of our customers choose to keep their business with Pinnacol last year. And a 2014 policyholder survey resulted in an 8.32 out of 10 score for overall service quality.

Giving Back to Colorado

Another way we demonstrate our compassion is through community involvement. Pinnacol gives back to the Colorado communities that support us through the following activities:

  • The Pinnacol Foundation awards college scholarships to the children of Colorado workers injured or killed on the job — regardless of which insurer handled the parent’s claim.
  • Pinnacol in Action is an employee-run volunteer program that supports 12 Colorado nonprofits. In 2014, 75 percent of our employees spent time volunteering in the community.