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Ken Ross
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pinnacol Assurance

To provide an assured source of workers’ compensation protection to Colorado employers and their greatest asset – their employees. For this purpose, Pinnacol Assurance was created 94 years ago. And it’s the same mission we fulfill today as we protect more than 55,000 businesses and more than 1 million workers across the state.

Among those are many companies that might not otherwise be in business today – start ups with no track record, organizations with a history of workplace accidents and companies operating in high-risk industries. Most insurers won’t touch them.

Serving those with the odds stacked against them is a big part of what we do. A worker injured on the job is thrust into a situation that’s painful and inconvenient. At worst, it can alter the course of his or her life.

That’s why we work closely with employers to prevent workplace accidents from happening in the first place. Our safety consultants help employers identify and correct workplace hazards. When accidents do happen, a Pinnacol claims representative starts working with the injured worker within 24 hours. For significant injuries, nurse case managers coordinate ongoing medical care. Later, return-to-work specialists help ease the injured worker back into part- or full-time employment. 

These employees help us fulfill our promise to protect and care for Colorado businesses and their employees. But without a compassionate and respectful culture, we couldn’t accomplish our mission.

Pinnacol is a place where people make an effort to be friendly. In fact, you’d have a tough time walking through our lobby without someone saying hello. We aim to return phone calls the same day and we arrive on time for meetings. Above all, we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

These values guide our interactions with each other and flow into our relationships with employers, injured workers and agents. Our values remain with us when we leave the workplace too. So it’s no surprise that our people, who care so much about those we serve, are also concerned about the underserved in our communities.

Pinnacol’s community involvement efforts are channeled into three main programs: 

  • The Pinnacol Foundation awards college scholarships to the children of Colorado workers injured or killed on the job — regardless of which insurer handled the parent’s claim.
  • Pinnacol in Action is a volunteer program that supports our employees' desire to help nonprofits.
  • Our Employee Giving Program provides a 100-percent match for our employees’ contributions to the Mile High United Way.

The rest of this report recaps 2009. It also provides insight into Pinnacol’s character. We’re in the business of helping people – to run profitable businesses, to remain safe and injury-free, to regain their livelihoods when accidents do happen, and to enjoy the human dignity that comes from productive work. Our efforts in the community are a natural extension of who we are as a company.

Ken Ross

Ken Ross
President and Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacol Assurance

Pinnacol Assurance 2009 Community Involvement Report; ® 2010