Health Risk Management

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Colorado safe and healthy, Pinnacol has launched a Health Risk Management (HRM) program which is provided to Pinnacol policyholders at no direct cost.

HRM is a worksite-based wellness program that helps employees identify and reduce specific health risk factors through healthier lifestyle choices. HRM services include:

  • An annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for each employee every year
  • Unlimited telephonic health coaching
  • Unlimited use of online tools
  • Reporting on trends, recommendations and overall impact of participation
  • Assistance setting up worksite programs and incentives

Preliminary research indicates that helping employees get and stay healthy could reduce the occurrence and duration of injuries. Pinnacol’s program seeks to prove the connection between better health and lower workers’ compensation costs.

If you would like more information about HRM, or if you are a Pinnacol policyholder and would like to enroll in the program, please contact Karen Curran at 303.361.4784.