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June 20, 2019
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We've made it easier to promote your partnership with Pinnacol

Our agent partners asked us to make it easier to download Pinnacol marketing campaign materials. They also asked us for social media posts, emails and flyers that they can co-brand and share on their own platforms.

In response to these requests, we created the agent marketing materials landing page on, where you can find marketing kits that support our campaigns. The resources that make up these kits are easy to download and co-brand, so get started today by visiting the agent marketing materials landing page.

New Pinnacol campaign will help employers adapt to emerging worker expectations

Our newest campaign to be featured on the marketing materials landing page will kick off next month. As Pinnacol continues to look for ways to support the network of employers that comprise the Colorado economy, we’ve identified an opportunity to support employers in understanding, and adapting to, the emerging needs of their workforce. In a forthcoming campaign called “The Future of Workers,” Pinnacol will highlight new worker expectations it found as part of a research project designed to understand the real lives of workers in Colorado. Pinnacol believes employers who understand and are prepared for transformational changes in the workplace can prepare to help their employees thrive in a uncertain future.

The campaign will include digital advertisements, social media outreach and content that explores Pinnacol’s research findings.

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