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Other States Coverage (OSC) program update

September 25, 2018
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Pinnacol is working to make meaningful changes to our OSC program. Our goal in making these changes is to resolve existing pain points and grow a substantially larger program that allows us to retain current customers and positions us to attract new customers alongside our agent partners. Our new vision for the OSC program is “to attract and retain Colorado-based customers and to provide them with sustainable coverage solutions. In other words, we want to ‘look for a way to say yes,’ responsibly, to our customers.”

Based on feedback from our agent partners, we began a pilot study in June 2018 to test our new consolidated approach to writing OSC coverage. We created a dedicated OSC pilot team with one underwriter who services customers with both OSC and Colorado policies. To date, the results of this pilot, which will continue until the end of December 2018, have been promising, and we expect to open our expanded OSC program to all our agency partners beginning in early 2019.

Look for more details about our expanded OSC program coming soon!

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