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Pinnacol’s gift policy

November 1, 2019
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Although it applies throughout the year, understanding Pinnacol’s gift policy is particularly helpful during the holiday season. Here is a brief description of our policy.

Employees may accept unsolicited gifts other than cash that comply with Pinnacol’s conflict-of-interest policy. Examples of unsolicited gifts include:

  • Flowers, fruit baskets and other modest gifts that commemorate a holiday or special occasion, such as a bottle of wine or picture frame.
  • Other gifts of nominal value, such as gift cards, calendars, pens, mugs, caps and T-shirts (or other novelty, advertising or promotional items).

Employees may not accept cash in any amount from entities with which Pinnacol does or may do business. Tangible gifts (including tickets to sporting or entertainment events) that have a market value greater than $100 may not be accepted unless Pinnacol’s ethics officer knows about the transaction.

For more information about Pinnacol’s gift policy, contact your Pinnacol agency relations manager.

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