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Please help us report “unreported” fatalities

December 15, 2020
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Please help us report "unreported" fatalities

By statute, Colorado’s Division of Insurance requires insurance carriers to report fatalities within 24 hours. Not promptly reporting these claims can result in fines.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where timely reporting of a fatality doesn’t occur. For example, if a business owner declines workers’ comp coverage, and he or she passes away unexpectedly, their spouse may not report the fatality as a claim. 

To avoid situations where we need to contact a business owner well after a fatality has occurred (which understandably is not an ideal situation for anyone), we’d like your help. If you know a fatality has occurred, please encourage the business owner to report the claim — whether they have workers’ comp coverage or not.  

Although we may ultimately deny these claims due to a lack of coverage, we want to ensure we thoroughly investigate every claim and provide timely benefits when they are due.

Thank you for helping us serve our customers and business owners across our state.

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