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Research results inspire Pinnacol to design a new agent experience

March 19, 2019
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Our December issue of Pinnacol Partners highlighted our efforts to develop an agent-focused, digital platform. To ensure we keep our agent partners at the heart of our design, we partnered with a design firm, Spire Digital, to support our research efforts. We’re eager to share some of those results with you in order to give you a line of sight to the elements that will inspire our agent-focused products.

In January and February, we interviewed about 30 agents to understand better what tools they’re currently using and where we need to focus on improving our agent experience. Some of the themes that quickly emerged were:

  • Speed and ease: There is an urgent need for Pinnacol to concentrate on speed of delivery to create a quote.
  • Class codes: When it comes to classifying businesses, we need to sharpen our tools for our agent partners. We heard loud and clear that this process is currently very cumbersome and challenging to master.
  • New leads: We need to provide the support you need in order to focus on new business and lead generation.

As part of our product development process, we will continue to reach out to our agent partners as we plan, prototype and test new features tailored to your needs. Thank you for your continued partnership and for being an integral part of the evolution of our agent experience.

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