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$70 million in dividend checks to Colorado businesses this month

March 18, 2019
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For the fourth year in a row, Pinnacol is distributing general dividend checks to employers in every county across the state.

With a $70 million general dividend, the average check per customer is $1,328, up from 2018. Roughly 94 percent of Pinnacol’s customers will receive a dividend, based on their premium size and success with partnering with their employees and Pinnacol to keep their workplaces safe. That’s more than 52,000 Colorado employers.

“Putting money back into Colorado businesses helps them invest in the people, processes and technology to be successful in our state’s growing economy,” said Phil Kalin, Pinnacol president and CEO. “In operating as a mutual insurance company our highest priorities are careful stewardship of policyholder premiums and collaborating on workplace safety.

For more information, visit the General Dividend page on

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