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Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship applications available Dec. 1

November 27, 2017
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Emilia Cintora was 15 years old when her mother sustained a severe shoulder injury while working on a dairy farm in Northern Colorado. Emilia’s mother faced a long physical recovery, but the injury would affect the whole family.

“With my mom out of work, money was even tighter and I felt guilty about every expense my parents had to pay for,” Emilia said. “I knew I would have to find my own way to college.”

For many Colorado students like Emilia, continued education after high school is put in jeopardy not by a lack of desire or poor grades, but by a parent’s workplace injury.

That’s where the Pinnacol Foundation comes in. We created our scholarship program to ensure that the children of people seriously injured or killed on the job have the opportunity to pursue their education dreams. Since the Foundation’s launch in 2000, we’ve awarded $4.5 million in scholarships to nearly 500 students across Colorado. Emilia is one of those students, and is now working as a nurse in Fort Collins. Pinnacol Foundation scholarships may be used for four-year, two-year or trade programs at accredited colleges, universities, community colleges and vocational schools.

Applications are available Dec. 1 – Feb. 15. To learn more and to apply, visit

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