Pinnacol Annual

Pinnacol Annual
Executive Team
From left to right: Daniel F. O’Neil, Vice President of Business Operations and General Counsel;Jeff Tetrick, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Kenneth J. Ross, President and CEO; Carole B. Sumption, Vice President of Corporate Resources; Robert Norris, Vice President of Strategic Development and Chief Information Officer; Don M. Collins, Vice President of Communications and Chief Marketing Officer
The executive team is responsible for developing and executing Pinnacol’s business strategy. They are accountable for Pinnacol’s day-to-day operations, customer service and financial health. They also set the tone in terms of volunteerism and community involvement.

Pinnacol employees are encouraged to spend 12 hours per year, on company time, volunteering with local nonprofits. Our executives walk the talk by contributing their business acumen on the boards of several nonprofits and by pitching in, alongside other employees, at leaf-raking events and food drives.

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