Office Ergonomics — Train the Evaluator

This course teaches the basics of office ergonomics including how to evaluate employee workstations to improve posture, reduce repetitive motions and increase efficiency. Upon completion, class attendees will be able to conduct a basic office ergonomics evaluation using a checklist which identifies risk factors for injury and the necessary modifications to the workstation to reduce injury potential. 

Topics include:
•    Identifying risk factors for musculoskeletal injury (strains, sprains, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and others)
•    Making proper adjustments to chairs, furniture and workstations
•    How to identify an “ergonomic” task chair and where to find the best resources for ergonomic accessories such as keyboard, mice, trays and more
•    How to handle sit-stand workstation requests including how to identify the best system for your workplace and an overview of key considerations to make before purchasing
•    How to use the Pinnacol Assurance Office Ergonomics DVD as a resource for employee self-assessment and training (a copy of the DVD will be provided to all attendees)

Safety Group Approved