Workers’ Compensation Basics for Providers

Workers’ Compensation in Colorado has its own set of processes, players, and regulatory and legal requirements, which can add to the complexity and hassle of running a medical practice. That’s why Pinnacol has created an educational program designed to give providers and staff a robust overview of the knowledge needed to be successful with treating workers' compensation patients in Colorado. This program meets one of the credentialing requirements for Pinnacol’s SelectNet provider network participation standards.

We broke it down for you into 8 separate modules. Each module will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and includes course objectives, a self-study workbook, and a quiz. After completing the online quiz, you can create a certificate of completion from the certificate link below. Upon completion, email the certificate of completion for each module to to verify you have met the course requirement.The modules are browser-based and require an internet connection and audio capabilities. 

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Study guides Certificates
Module 1 - Introduction to WC Module 1 
Module 2 - Chronology of a Case Module 2
Module 3 - Division Rules Module 3 
Module 4 - Medical Causality Module 4
Module 5 - Treatment Guidelines Module 5
Module 6 - QPOP Module 6
Module 7 - Network Participation Module 7 
Module 8 - Pinnacol Processes Module 8