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Avoid duplicate billing and get paid faster

Pinnacol is always looking for ways to improved the payment process for medical providers.
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Pinnacol Assurance values making timely payments to medical providers and is always looking for ways to improve the payment process. Bill payment processes are slower when multiple bills are submitted. To help save time and unnecessary work for everyone, please consider:

  • Waiting at least 30 days before resubmitting a bill.
  • ~The Division of Workers’ Compensation Rule 16 allows payers 30 days from the date a bill is received to process the bill.
  • Ensuring the payment posting is up to date and that the payment is not waiting for posting.
  • Using the Provider Portal to confirm whether Pinnacol has received a bill and whether payment has been issued.
  • ~Logging into the Provider Portal and clicking on the Search Bills tab.
  • ~Entering information in the search fields to locate the bill.
  • ~If the bill has been received, it will populate when the search is completed.
  • ~Bills with a status of Closed have been processed. The explanation of remittance (EOR) is available online and the option to appeal is available.
  • ~Bills with a status of Approved or Review have been received and entered in Pinnacol’s system but have not been processed yet. The EOR and appeal option will not be available.
  • Submitting bills electronically. Bills submitted electronically are processed quicker than paper bills.
  • Confirming the CMS1500 and UB04 have all the required information before submission.

If the bill was submitted more than 30 days ago and an EOR has not been received, please check the Provider Portal or contact our customer service team at 303.361.4000. If Pinnacol has not received the bill, please resubmit it through the normal channels.

Bills resubmitted with additional information such as medical records, invoices, forms, etc., must be submitted within 60 days from the date of the EOR.

Thank you for your partnership with Pinnacol and your continued support of our injured workers.

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