Employee screenings

Screening potential employees
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Screening potential employees

There are many pre-employment screening options available. The screens you use will depend on your industry. Employee screenings may benefit you when making a conditional job offer to a prospective employee. Third-party organizations can perform screenings after obtaining written consent from the prospective employee. Screenings may include but are not limited to:

- Criminal history check

- Motor vehicle driving record

- Social security number validation

- Workers' compensation claims history

There are a variety of companies that offer this type of service. The screening providers linked to below are just a few companies that policyholders can use. While some of these companies may offer special pricing options for Pinnacol Assurance policyholders, Pinnacol does not recommend or endorse any specific company for employee screenings.


Employee screenings are good employment practices; however, this topic relates to employment law rather than workers' comp insurance. For more information and assistance regarding employment law and human resources practices, contact your attorney. You can also contact the Employers Council.

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