Ergonomic evaluations

Industrial and office ergonomic evaluations can be completed as a preventative measure
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Industrial and office ergonomic evaluations can be completed as a preventative measure, or in response to an injured worker's claim. Industrial evaluations can be conducted in a variety of industries that range from manufacturing to construction to healthcare. Evaluations will assess risk factors such as:

- Heavy/repetitive lifting and manual handling

- Repetitive use of hand tools

- Awkward body postures at workstations

- Driving

- Patient/resident handling

Office evaluations

An online self-assessment tool is the best place to start evaluating your office ergonomics. Pinnacol's Interactive Office Ergonomics Training program allows employees to perform a self-assessment of their chair and workstation with easy to follow video instructions and tips. The training program also has modules on:

- How to identify and correct workstation components or activities that might be causing discomfort

- How to establish an ergonomic program at your workplace

- Guidelines on chair purchases, laptop tips and FAQ documents with links to vendors for chairs, furniture and computer accessories

On-site office evaluations may also be conducted when an employee has an open claim for a musculoskeletal disorder, or for an employee that is still having discomfort after completing the Pinnacol online self-assessment tool.

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