Food service safety

Developing a safety program for food service

Whether you're a restaurateur or your facility serves snacks behind a counter, there are dangers associated with food preparation and service. It's up to you to manage the risks your employees face while at work. Hazards for this industry may include slips, trips and falls; cuts and burns; materials handling and chemical exposure. Pinnacol Assurance has created some valuable tools to assist employers with preventing these hazards.

Get a head start on your training program with the food service safety modules below. Use one or use them all to educate your employees on how to stay safe on the job. Each module includes guidelines, corresponding visuals and a quiz. In the Pinnacol resources section, you can access our printable forms and templates, including sample safety rules and checklists.

Don't forget to use a training roster to document your employee safety training.

Module 1: Kitchen and Cooking Staff ES
Module 2: Food Preparation Staff ES
Module 3: Stockroom Staff ES
Module 4: Dishwashers and Service Staff ES
Module 5: Servers and Servers' Assistants, Hostesses and Cashiers ES
Module 6: Bartending Staff ES
Module 7: Banquet Managers and Staff ES
Module 8: Delivery Staff ES
Module 9: Security Staff ES
Module 10: General Safety and Security in the Workplace ES