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SelectNet provider manual updates

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Pinnacol Assurance updated the SelectNet Provider Manual in 2018 and 2019.

The 2019 manual includes an update to the in-house prescription and over-the-counter medication dispensing. The revised wording is in section 3, page 9.

Changes to the 2018 manual included:

  • New CAQH credentialing requirements (section 5, page 2)
  • A 14-day maximum period between the statement of maximum medical improvement and the receipt of the permanent impairment rating by Pinnacol claims management (section 3, page 12)
  • Delegated credentialing for hospitalists (section 5, pages 2-3)
  • Revised turnaround time for documentation to close claims (Appendix A, page 3)
  • For medical-only (no lost time) claims, submit the WC164 form so it is received within seven calendar days from the date of service (DOS).
  • For indemnity (lost time) claims with no impairment, submit the WC164 and office notes within 14 calendar days from the DOS.
  • For indemnity (lost time) claims with impairment, submit the WC164, the impairment rating sheets and office notes within 14 calendar days from the DOS.
  • Please submit the WC164, rating sheets and office notes together. Failure to submit documentation delays the closing of the claim.

The SelectNet Provider Manual is a resource for providers and clinic staff who need to access information about working with Pinnacol and following the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado.

The manual defines key responsibilities and requirements for clinics and providers participating in SelectNet and Pinnacol’s responsibilities in working with SelectNet providers.

This manual was developed by Pinnacol Assurance and is intended solely for the use of Pinnacol Assurance and Pinnacol Assurance's preferred provider network, SelectNet.