Who plays a part in my recovery?

Learn more about who plays a part in the recovery of your workers' compensation claim.
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  • Focus on your recovery (we'll let you know if we need something)
  • Let your employer know about your medical appointments and restrictions
  • Contact your claims representative with any questions

Your Employer

  • Pays for workers' compensation insurance, so your medical care and wage replacement is covered
  • Works with Pinnacol to determine modified duty tasks that comply with the restrictions from your doctor

Your doctor

  • Treats your injury
  • Works with Pinnacol Assurance through Requests for Authorization to ensure your care is covered
  • Coordinates referrals with other providers, such as a physical therapist, if additional care is needed
  • Clarifies restrictions, as a results of your injury, and determines when you can get back to work
  • Determines when you've completed your treatment

Pinnacol Assurance

(Your employer's workers' compensation insurance company)

  • Works with your providers to ensure your care is covered
  • Stays in contact with you throughout your claim
  • Follows laws and regulations from the State of Colorado and is monitored by the Division of Workers' Compensation, a governmental agency
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