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September 28, 2017

Pinnacol Creates Digital Subsidiary for Simple, Quick Workers’ Comp Coverage

Denver, Colo., Sept. 26, 2017 — Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s leading workers’ compensation insurer, is launching a new digital platform to make it easier for small businesses that choose not to use an agent to purchase workers’ comp policies. In fact, it’s so easy, we’re calling it “Cake” – because it will now be a piece of cake for small businesses to get a quote, purchase and manage their workers’ comp policies directly from Pinnacol.

A mobile-first platform, Cake will enable employers to secure coverage in 3-5 minutes (as opposed to the more typical 3-5 days), receive customer support via text and manage their account digitally. Cake will start selling policies on Oct. 10, 2017.

“Colorado’s small businesses and entrepreneurs tell us they want a customer experience that matches the speed and customer orientation they’re working in,” said Pinnacol President and CEO Phil Kalin. “In Cake, we combined cutting edge digital technology with Pinnacol’s 100-plus years of workers’ comp expertise to provide speed, convenience and user control.”

Some of Cake’s notable features include:

  • Simple, mobile-first digital experience
  • Artificial intelligence to speed quotes for most small, low-risk policies in less than five minutes
  • Easier policy management
  • Elimination of most paper forms and physical signatures
  • Chatbot text engines providing policy status information and delivery of certificates of insurance
  • Live support online via desktop or mobile device

The platform's customer experience is tailored to small businesses that prefer an online, self-service experience. Because of their simple insurance needs, many agents refer small businesses directly to Pinnacol. Cake is just one part of Pinnacol’s unified strategy to make the digital experience better for all of its policyholders and agent partners.

See what Cake can do at