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Don't miss our ninth annual, complimentary, full-day training event that focuses on the safety and health of your employees and your business. 

Attend advanced-level courses designed to help you keep workers' compensation costs down, practice safer work habits and get injured employees back to work. 


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  • Policyholders 
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This year’s course topics include

Advanced return to work

Audits and premium

OSHA update

Workplace violence


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Risk management symposium schedule


A Tale of Two Claims

Early reporting and efficient claims management can have noticeable impacts on the outcome and cost of a claim. Join us as we walk you through two similar claims and identify key claims management techniques and strategies that impact both cost and injured workers’ recovery.

Do I Have to Pay Premium on That?

Have you ever wondered how workers’ compensation premiums are calculated? This course focuses on the primary factors that impact your premium and what you can do about them. You’ll discover:

- How properly maintaining your records can help you identify deductions and payroll exclusions.
- Why employee classification matters.
- The difference between an employee and a statutory employee.
- How to prepare for an audit visit.

Managing Safety Through Good Hiring Practices

Did you know employees who have been on the job less than one year accounted for nearly half of the total claims costs and number of claims reported to Pinnacol? This course will teach you how to safely introduce new employees to your workplace before and after you make them an offer. We’ll also discuss specific opportunities to review potential employees and the steps you can take to ensure you’re hiring employees who are as committed to safety as you are.

Medical Case Management: A Partnership in Caring

Have you wondered how a Pinnacol medical case manager (MCM) can help you? Join us as we guide you through a case study that exemplifies the caring role of an MCM and highlights all the ways an MCM can positively impact a worker’s compensation claim. Topics for this course include:

- How and when a medical case manager gets involved in a claim.
- The impacts of medical case management on a claim.
- Best practices for communication between the medical case manager, the employer and the provider.
- How a medical case manager can be a resource for employers.

Normalization of Deviance: Harmless Habit or Risky Business?

Sometimes risky behavior doesn’t feel so risky once it becomes a habit. Vital safety protocol such as wearing PPE, tying off, using an assistance device to lift or avoiding the phone while behind the wheel gets lost among demanding job outcomes. Over time, these practices become patterns and dangerous behavior becomes the norm. Risk managers call this behavior the “normalization of deviance,” and when it happens in the workplace, it can have catastrophic consequences. In this advanced-level course, you’ll be introduced to this public safety concept, and you’ll learn to identify and mitigate the risky habits and shortcuts that might be infiltrating your clients’ job sites. Find out how to bridge the gaps between recognition, risk control and implementation in the workplace.

OSHA Update: Keeping Your Worksite Safe + Sound

This presentation by OSHA will provide an overall update covering topics including:

- Most frequently issued citations in construction and general industry, and a summary of national and local emphasis programs that may affect Colorado employers.
- A summary of recent standards such as walking and working surfaces, silica and record keeping. 
- The Safe + Sound initiative and the importance of a comprehensive safety and health management system.

Preventing Workplace Violence: An Employer’s Comprehensive Approach

This course facilitates an open dialogue that tackles the risks of workplace violence and the threat of violence targeted at employees in the workplace. The rubber meets the road in this course as participants discuss how to create a safe workplace that implements appropriate policies, performs effective investigations and establishes a worksite-specific security infrastructure.

Return to Work: A New Perspective

Successful return to work outcomes are dependent on effective collaboration and communication with all parties involved. Our return to work consultants will walk you through the return-to-work process, analyzing the different perspectives and how to capitalize on those relationships to create the best outcomes for all.

Sleep/Wellness/Safety: Connecting the ZZZs

Sleep deprivation and disorders can have a significant impact on the safety and performance of your employees. Since sleep isn’t typically something that takes place at work, you may have no idea how it’s impacting your employees and your business operations. In this course, you’ll learn about the impact of sleep and fatigue on your employees’ safety and wellness — and especially about how it’s often compounded by shift work, extended workdays and other health conditions. Like many other workplace risk factors, the sleep health of your employees can be managed. We’ll help you identify ways to improve ZZZs for yourself, your employees and your bottom line.

Subrogation Challenge: Test Your Knowledge

Getting a negligent third party to compensate a claim is serious business, but learning about the process doesn’t have to be. Join Pinnacol employees for an intermediate-level, lively, interactive course in a game-show format covering Pinnacol’s approach to subrogation. You will learn how to identify the crucial indicators that help develop a successful subrogation claim for our mutual clients. We will discuss the most common subrogated claims as well as claims where subrogation may not be possible. There will be time for questions and answers.

Wait … What? The Power of Interpersonal Communication

How many times have you said or thought, “Wait, what?” when talking to someone? Or how many times has someone said that to you after you’ve made a statement, given direction or communicated an idea? There is a basic principle, the Golden Rule, which says treating others the way you’d like to be treated will ensure a successful connection. In reality, connection develops from treating people in the ways they’d like to be treated rather than in the way you’d like to be treated. Join us to find out how understanding the way others learn and receive communication will help you flex your style so you’re understood and able to give and receive instructions with confidence, which ultimately can strengthen your professional and personal relationships.

Are you interested in learning more about workplace injury trends in Colorado? If so, this is the course for you. Experts from our safety services team will give you a high-level overview of industry-specific injury trends. You’ll learn what’s driving the losses in specific industries. You’ll walk away with real-world tools to lead proactive injury prevention and mitigate workplace hazards. You’ll also find out which of these tools are found on, ready for your immediate use.

Edie Sonn - Keynote speaker

JJ Keller & Associates


Hellman & Associates




Colorado Department of Workers' Compensation


Safety Eyewear Solutions


Colorado Safety Association


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