Scholarship recipient doesn’t miss a beat

Morgan scholarship recipientAs soon as you meet Morgan, you immediately notice two things — her megawatt personality and the guitar that never leaves her side. Anyone who spends a few minutes with this young woman can tell she is going places. 

What you might not ever see in Morgan is the deep grief she has carried since she was a young girl. 

Morgan’s father died in a workplace accident when she was six years old. He went to work one day and never came back. She admits that it isn’t always easy for her to talk about losing her father and that she likes to keep her feelings private. “The loss of my dad left me with a very hard shell to crack. I don’t talk about it much, but I am happy to talk with someone else who understands. But even that is rare. I hold it in, I hold every sad emotion inside,” Morgan said. 

While talking about losing her dad doesn’t come easy, she's always been able to express herself through music. “Truly, if it weren't for music I wouldn't have had an outlet where I can express the things that I can't any other way. Music has been my constant friend,” she said. 

Singing and songwriting have been an outlet and a steady source of support for Morgan, and now she plans on also making it her career.

As a business major at Colorado Mesa University, Morgan is pursuing a degree in Business Management. She plans on moving to Nashville after graduation and becoming a country singer-songwriter. Her business degree will empower her to manage her own career: “I have dreams to chase and goals that I will accomplish.”

With the help of the Pinnacol Foundation, and her trusty guitar, Morgan is able to attend college while pursuing her love of music. We have no doubt we’ll see her name in lights very soon.