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December 12, 2017

Flu is coming for you, Colorado. Don’t let it take you out.

It’s time to talk about influenza. While flu “season” can be different in different parts of the country, the...
December 13, 2017

The 5 must-read safety and health stories of 2017

Protecting yourself and your employees, managing health risks, increasing the safety of your workplace — these are the subjects...
December 14, 2017

Holiday stress tying you in knots? Here’s how to unwind

If your level of holiday cheer has gone from ho-ho-ho to low, low, low, you are not alone. During...

Health and wellness research

It's not a hunch. It's a fact. It's simple: worksite wellness programs work. People not only get healthier, they...

Health and wellness

Worksite wellness Not just good for their health; good for your business, too. Helping you create a culture of...
February 08, 2018

Saving lives: Why you should offer employee CPR certification

When someone experiences a cardiac arrest at your workplace, the difference between life and death could be the person...
Provider Pulse
February 26, 2018

Healing our Healers: Part One

By now, we’ve all heard it: our nation’s physicians are burned out. Depleted. Exhausted. Provider burnout has reached epidemic...
March 21, 2018

Six ways to help workers combat workplace fatigue

Well-rested workers make safe workers. Unfortunately, Daylight Saving Time and a change in season often wreak havoc on your...
Provider Pulse
September 25, 2018

Healing our healers: Part two

As part of a two-part series, Pinnacol Assurance recently published the article Healing our healers: Part one , examining...
October 12, 2018

Don't fall back into the winter blues

Combating fatigue and seasonal depression As daylight savings time comes to an end and the days grow shorter, we’re...