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Employment screening services

Thorough employment screening increases the likelihood your applicant is the right match for the job and may prevent issues in the workplace...
December 12, 2017

Flu is coming for you, Colorado. Don’t let it take you out.

It’s time to talk about influenza. While flu “season” can be different in different parts of the country, the...
Pinnacol Partners
December 15, 2017

Risk Management Alliance can improve safety and lower premiums for troubled clients

Do you have clients laboring under the financial burden of a high experience modification? Are some of your customers...
January 16, 2018

Safe for work: 10 employee screening tips to reduce your risk

By Donna Frost, Senior Safety Consultant Nearly half the claims Pinnacol processes stem from employees who have been on...
March 21, 2018

Six ways to help workers combat workplace fatigue

Well-rested workers make safe workers. Unfortunately, Daylight Saving Time and a change in season often wreak havoc on your...
June 20, 2018

OSHA proposes extension for certain beryllium standard compliance dates

In March, OSHA delayed implementation of the new and highly anticipated guidelines governing occupational exposure to beryllium. Enforcement was...


Preparing for the varied hazards of wildfire season Wildfires strike quickly in Colorado, and they can spark short- and...

Preparing for Floods, Hail and Storm Damage

When the weather is good, it makes for positive, effective workdays in greenhouses and nurseries — plants thrive, people...

Electrical Hazards and Safety

It’s common knowledge that electricity and water don’t mix — we teach children that at a very early age....