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Provider Pulse
December 05, 2017

Magnolia Medical brings outpatient medication-assisted addiction therapy to Pinnacol’s SelectNet network

“They often will come in wearing their work uniforms,” says Magnolia Medical Group’s clinic director (who preferred that we...

Educational requirements for SelectNet credentialing

For providers who are not planning to pursue Level ll accreditation through the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation (DOWC),...

Workers’ Compensation Rules for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Rules for Physician and Non-Physician Providers 16-5(A)(1)(b) “Non-physician providers” are those individuals who are registered, certified, or licensed by...
Provider Pulse
January 09, 2018

Applying for your National Provider Identifier Number

The National Provider Identifier, or NPI, is a unique 10-digit identification number assigned to individual healthcare providers. Since 2007,...

Using CAQH to make the provider credentialing process easier

As part of the contracting process for participation in Pinnacol’s provider network SelectNet, we evaluate physicians and other healthcare...
Provider Pulse
January 23, 2018

Durable Medical Equipment: Supply changes for electrical stimulation units

The Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation (DOWC) set new guidelines for billing electrical stimulation devices (durable medical equipment) and...
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January 25, 2018

Held: Thank you for caring for our injured workers

Welcome to 2018! Thank you for another year of caring for injured workers in Colorado. Our goal of supporting...

Electronic Billing Vendors

Did you know that billing Pinnacol Assurance through electronic data interchange (EDI) results in faster review and payment of...
Provider Pulse
February 26, 2018

Healing our Healers: Part One

By now, we’ve all heard it: our nation’s physicians are burned out. Depleted. Exhausted. Provider burnout has reached epidemic...

Pinnacol's Catastrophic Case Management Program

When a serious accident occurs, the outcome could be life-threatening or result in permanent disability. Pinnacol recognizes the immediate...