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Tractor Safety

Farm tractors provide the primary source of power on many farms. Studies show that the farm tractor is involved in a high proportion of farm...
December 13, 2017

The 5 must-read safety and health stories of 2017

Protecting yourself and your employees, managing health risks, increasing the safety of your workplace — these are the subjects...
May 26, 2017

Sun safety fast facts

See the full infographic Summer is on its way, which means hot weather is on the horizon and heat-related...
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OSHA Fact Sheet: Worker Entry into Grain Storage Bins

Engulfment and Suffocation Hazards Grain storage bin entry is very dangerous and exposes workers to serious suffocation hazards - a leading...
Pinnacol Partners
December 08, 2017

Policyholders can maintain injury and illness records electronically using Pinnacol’s OSHA Report Manager

To help Pinnacol policyholders comply with the OSHA recordkeeping rule, meet the Dec. 15 deadline (if applicable) and save...

Food service safety

Developing a safety program for food service Whether you're a restaurateur or your facility serves snacks behind a counter,...

Sample office safety rules

General Safety Rules Report all safety problems immediately. Do not attempt to repair any office equipment or systems. Maintain...
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Employer’s food service guidelines

This all-encompassing resource was designed to help managers in the food service industry develop and sustain a strong safety program.
January 16, 2018

Safe for work: 10 employee screening tips to reduce your risk

By Donna Frost, Senior Safety Consultant Nearly half the claims Pinnacol processes stem from employees who have been on...
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Module 1: Kitchen and cooking staff

Employees in the restaurant industry are exposed to many tasks, so making sure all risks are covered and prepared for is very important....