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Classroom Training

Pinnacol Assurance is committed to providing top-notch free and low-cost risk management training to our policyholders and their employees throughout the year. Training opportunities include Office Ergonomics, OSHA 10-Hour Training for Construction and more. All of the opportunities immediately below satisfy safety group training requirements.

Pinnacol-Created Webinars

Pinnacol created webinars to address some of the topics most requested by policyholders such as Cost Containment Certification and Introduction to Subrogation. You will also find brief videos called Pinnacol Pointers, which address risk management topics like ladder safety, hazard communication and new hire safety.

Please note: The Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls, Defensive Driving and Accident Investigation webinars have been removed due to outdated content.

Access all of these online training sessions.

Note: For optimal viewing, we recommend using Firefox. Other Internet browsers include Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE 8 and above).

Interactive and Video Training

We have partnered with J.J. Keller, a nationally recognized organization specializing in safety and compliance training, to offer a wide variety of online training courses to our policyholders. To access this training, please visit our J.J. Keller Safety Resources page.

Safety Group Training

The Cost Containment Certification (CCC) webinar series will satisfy one safety group training requirement. The 10-part CCC webinar series, including Job Hazard Analysis and Accident Investigation, must be viewed in its entirety to receive a certificate of completion. This Pinnacol-created webinar is identified by the safety group training icon.

Select JJ Keller interactive safety related trainings topics, that are a minimum of 45 minutes in length, count toward safety group training requirements. JJ Keller video-on-demand courses do not count toward a safety group training requirement. To make arrangements, please call our Safety On Call hotline at 303.361.4700.

If you need resources for the hearing impaired, please call our Safety On Call hotline at 303.361.4700.