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Check out what’s new in Pinnacol’s Agency Manual

September 17, 2019
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Pinnacol's Agency Manual is an invaluable resource for all of our agent partners. You can access it anytime from the Agent Portal. (You'll find it under the Resources tab on the main dashboard screen.)

We recently completed a comprehensive update of our Agency Manual and wanted to point you to what’s new. Here’s a list of the specific sections and topics we updated and where you can find them.

Section 2 — Existing Business

  • Reinstatement of Coverage (page 2-6)

Section 3 — Pricing

  • Minimum Payrolls Applied by Pinnacol Assurance (page 3-16)

Section 5 — Miscellaneous

  • Other States Coverage (page 5-2)
  • Alternate and Blanket Employer Endorsement (page 5-10)

If you have any questions about the Agency Manual or any of the topics covered in it, please reach out to your agency relationship manager.

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