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Learn more about our Beta User Group and what’s coming soon for agents

June 22, 2020
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Last year, we told you about our 2020 plans to deliver new technology and tools for our agent partners. Our goal is to provide the options and experience you need to grow your business in this fast-changing marketplace. We’re excited to say we’re making significant progress. The most important part of our work continues to be gathering feedback directly from agents, which is why we want to let you know about our Beta User Group.

What’s a Beta User Group?

Last year, we asked a pilot group of agents to give us feedback on our new Agent Portal and Quoting system. We also asked for feedback on our service center model called “Service Hub.” Based on their input, we shifted direction and are now focused on building a new Agent Quote system and Agent Portal in Salesforce — a more robust digital platform. Moving our quoting system and portal from our existing operating system will help us expand the tools and technology we offer. To ensure we’re gathering direct feedback about the new portal and quoting system, we formed a Beta User Group.

In addition to being on a more robust digital platform, our new portal and quoting system can deliver quotes on many submissions in as little as 90 seconds. Our focus with the Beta User Group is on quoting and binding all new business under $25,000 using our new quoting system. Eventually, we will use this platform to quote all new business and agents will have binding authority up to $25,000. This better digital experience will give our agents more flexibility in pricing, faster quoting and binding times, and the ability to easily manage customers’ information.

Beta users are the first to test and use our future quote and portal replacement. Also, we won’t have an end date with this beta testing, as we typically do with a pilot. We plan to roll out the new quote flow to all agents later this year, which is why we need agent feedback to help us determine the best way to build tools for you.  

Pinnacol’s agency relationship managers are inviting agents to join the Beta User Group. Here’s some important information for participating agents:

  • Josh Gonda, Pinnacol’s manager of business transformation integration, is the group’s primary point of contact. He communicates with the main point of contact for each participating agency.
  • Participating agents are expected to submit enough applications through the new Agent Quote system to be able to provide meaningful feedback.
  • Pinnacol agency relationship managers arrange weekly follow-up sessions to answer questions and capture feedback.
  • Pinnacol’s product team is reaching out to group members once or twice a month for feedback. They do this by email, a survey, a Zoom call, etc.
  • We give group members specific questions to answer such as what they like and don’t like about the new and current portal and quote flow, and why they go back to the old portal.

Our goal is to build new technology and tools with our agents alongside us every step of the way. The valuable feedback we receive directly informs future enhancements to the tools we are building.

Coming soon!

Stay tuned for more details about our new Agent Quote system and Agent Portal. Also, look for information about the lower schedule-rating threshold built into our new Agent Quote system to give us — and you — more flexibility when it comes to pricing. And if that’s not enough, we’ll share new ways we plan to increase the value we provide to our mutual small business customers and the speed and simplicity with which we will do that.

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