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Tips for using Pinnacol’s Agent Portal

September 26, 2018
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To ensure you get the most from the Agent Portal, we are offering some tips you can use to strengthen your user experience. After the portal was released, we’ve received some feedback from agents who said they want the ability to export a report generated through the Agent Portal into Excel.  Once the report is in Excel, they want to create a version of that report with less formatting, so they more easily manage the data.

Here are some tips about how you can use Excel tools to make it easier to manage data after it’s imported into Excel.

Portal 1

Portal 2

  1. Run your desired report through the Agent Portal and select the option to download this report into Excel.
  2. Click the upper left-hand corner of the report to select the entire sheet.
  3. Under the “Merge & Center” menu, select Unmerge Cells.
  4. Click the icon, then select AutoFit Row Height and AutoFit Row Width to get the desired layout.

Thank you for your cooperation and feedback as we continue our work to enhance the digital experience we offer our agents.

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