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Big changes coming to Pinnacol’s billing, payment and medical record processes

Pinnacol has begun the process of switching to Optum Financial for provider payments.

September 5, 2023
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Pinnacol has begun the process of switching to Optum Financial for provider payments. By the end of the year, all provider payments will be processed through Optum Financial. 

What does this mean for you?

There are many benefits to Optum Financial becoming Pinnacol’s payment vendor.

1. Checks and explanations of remittances (EORs) will be sent together.

a. You will be able to submit medical records electronically.

b. Pinnacol will have two new clearinghouses: Carisk and Data Dimensions. 

2. You are not required to switch clearinghouses. You may continue to submit bills through your existing clearinghouse, which will be sent to Carisk or Data Dimensions.

a. If you are not sending bills electronically, please consider signing up with Carisk. They can receive non-standard bill forms, create electronic bills, and submit them electronically to Pinnacol for you.

b. You will be able to select your preferred payment method from one of the following options:

1. ACH

a. Check

b. Virtual card (subject to credit card processing fees; to avoid additional fees, please request ACH as your payment method)

What do we need from you?

No action is required at this time. If your clinic would like to submit electronic medical records, please check with your clearinghouse to confirm they have this capability and to learn how to get set up.

Attached are frequently asked questions. Please check your email as we continue to build awareness of the new bill pay process. We will communicate additional details and the exact effective date for when providers can start taking advantage of these benefits.

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