Cost Containment Certification

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Safety does not just happen. Colorado's Cost Containment Certification (CCC) program is a solid foundation for any safety program, and obtaining your CCC demonstrates your commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of your employees. Employers who earn their CCC are eligible for an additional discount on their workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Watch the Cost Containment Certification training series:

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The Colorado Cost Containment Certification Board requires a safety and cost containment program that complies with criteria outlined in state statute. The program must include the following:

  1. A formal declaration of a companywide safety policy
  2. A formal designation of a safety coordinator or safety committee
  3. Clearly defined safety rules and enforcement policy
  4. Documented new-hire and ongoing safety training
  5. Written designation of medical providers
  6. Written policies and procedures for claims management

Below, you can download Pinnacol's employer's guide to Cost Containment Certification, as well as sample documents for each of the six steps. It is important to note that these samples must be customized to fit your organization. Your Pinnacol safety consultant is available at no additional cost to assist you with any aspect of the CCC process.

Your complete safety program must be in effect for one full year before you can apply for certification. Colorado's Department of Labor and Employment — not Pinnacol — awards certification.

Cost Containment Certification steps and downloads (also available in Spanish)

Step 1
Sample Safety Policy

Step 2
Safety Coordinator Objectives
Safety Committee Objectives
Safety committee meeting notes and agenda
General Safety Inspection Checklist
Construction Safety Inspection Checklist

Step 3
Sample Safety Rules
Sample Safety Rules Enforcement Policy
Sample Safety Rule Violation form

Step 4
Sample Orientation Checklist
Safety Training Roster

Step 5
New Employee Notification letter
Designated provider list notification letter for an injured worker
Designated provider list notification letter for an injured worker and instructions

Step 6
Claims Management Procedures
Employee Accident Report
Management accident investigation report
Witness Statement report
Job Hazard Analysis Procedures
Job Hazard Analysis Worksheet
Sample Accident Investigation Questions