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Policyholder Portal: Pinnacol's paperless system

May 17, 2019
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Your new paperless experience is coming soon

Have you heard the news? Your new paperless experience from Pinnacol is on its way. Starting June 1, if you are a registered Policyholder Portal user, we’ll give you a better way to manage your new claim and policy documents.

With the new paperless experience, you’ll get:

  • Automatic email notifications when new documents are available online.
  • Paperless documents that are always right where you need them, 24/7.

Of course, if there’s a document that needs a signature or payment from you, you’ll still get mail from us. Also, if you prefer paper documents, let us know, and we’ll turn off the paperless feature for you.

Look for the new paperless experience on June 1. And if you haven’t registered for the Policyholder Portal, don’t wait.

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