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Winterize your vehicle like a safety professional

October 16, 2018
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In addition to winterizing your work vehicles, you should encourage your employees to get their personal cars ready for winter. Try these suggestions safety consultants use for their own cars:

  • See if your lights, battery, brakes, wiper blades, antifreeze and heater/defroster work.
  • Make an emergency kit for the car that includes a flare, ice scrapers, tire chains, a tow rope and jumper cables.
  • Install snow tires and/or measure the tread on your all-weather tires to see if they need to be replaced.
  • Store kitty litter or salt in the trunk to help with traction on slippery roads.
  • Stow a warm blanket, water and dried fruit in the trunk in case you get stranded on the road.
  • Check the exhaust pipe for clogs caused by snow or ice, which can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into the vehicle.
  • Always keep the gas tank above half full to prevent gas line freezing.
  • Don’t idle the car to warm it up; this wastes gas and may harm your engine.
  • Watch our Winter Weather Pinnacol Pointer for other winter-related tips

Visit our Safety Hub for more information on safety services and training options.

Pinnacol Assurance assumes no responsibility for management or control of customer safety activities. Please ensure your business meets the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or ordinances related to workplace safety.

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