Our job is helping them return to theirs

Studies show that the longer an employee is off work, the lower their chances of returning. So, let us help you put a program in place that gets your injured employee back to work healthy, safe and as quickly as possible.

Did you know: 

  • Injured employees who don't miss any work have the best chance of a full recovery
  • Those who miss more than six months of work have about a 50 percent chance of returning
  • Missing more than one year means their chance of returning to work drops to 25 percent

About return to work resources

One of the best ways to help an injured employee recover, and also keep your claim costs down, is to offer them modified work tasks. Our return to work consultants are available to help you design just the right program for individual claims, or they can assist you in creating a proactive return to work program — all at no cost.

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