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If injured on the job (Required by Colorado law) - Spanish

If injured on the job (Required by Colorado law) - Spanish

This two-color poster informs employees that Colorado law requires employees to report a workplace injury within ten working days. Drugs and alcohol have a negative impact on benefits. Spanish language version.

New law, new poster needed for employers

In the spring of 2022, the Colorado legislature passed a law (HB 22-1112) that increases the number of days an employee has to report a workplace injury from 4 to 10 days. The change is effective on August 10, and the law requires employers to display the new poster in their workplace.  

Important information about the new poster

Due to the specific font size requirements, this poster must be 27"x40" in size to comply with the law. Because of the size requirement, Pinnacol will not be printing and mailing out this poster. However, we offer the poster below for download.

You have two options to print the poster:

  • Send the poster file to a local print shop or online printing service like FedEx Office or Vistaprint
  • Print it yourself if you have a large-format printer that can meet the 27" x 40" size requirement.

* This item is in Spanish

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