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Pinnacol’s apprenticeship will issue CSU Global credits

November 11, 2020
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Pinnacol Apprenticeship program provides pathways to careers, college credit, and professional development through exposure, training, and mentoring

DENVER, Nov. 11, 2020 — Colorado’s largest workers’ compensation insurer recently began issuing general elective college credits through CSU Global to participants in its innovative apprenticeship program. Participants, who have enrolled as high school students in districts across the Denver Metro region, can earn up to 15 undergraduate credits as a Pinnacol apprentice while building foundational skills needed for positions including Project Coordinator, Junior Coder, IT Infrastructure Support Tech, Data Scientist, Cyber Security Specialist, Insurance Underwriter, Claims Representative, Business Operations Associate, and General Insurance Associate. In addition to earning industry credentials, students can also earn additional credits for their work at Pinnacol and apply them towards CSU Global’s online degrees in Computer Science, Business Management, or other career-relevant programs. 

Pinnacol administers one of the largest youth apprenticeship programs in the state. They onboarded the first cohort of 23 apprentices in 2017 and has hired a new group of apprentices every subsequent year. Built in partnership with Careerwise Colorado, Pinnacol’s apprenticeship program has received numerous awards and been studied by state and international delegations, federal representatives, Harvard Business Review, and educators.

“We built this program to redesign our talent pipeline and build our workforce of the future, trained specifically for our most in-demand talent needs,” said Mark Tapy, Pinnacol Apprenticeship Program manager. “Our program has served as a direct pathway into the workforce and as preparation for the world of work for many students, and we’re so pleased to be able to offer credits through CSU Global.”

Tapy says it’s common for program participants to also pursue college credit while serving as a Pinnacol apprentice, and the new partnership with CSU Global will provide students even more options and return on investment for their hard work.

“CSU Global is proud to partner with Pinnacol Assurance to provide clear pathways to long-term career success for our future workforce,” said Pam Toney, President of CSU Global. “CSU Global is committed to helping students utilize their real-world experience and on the job knowledge and skills as part of their continued education to a degree and lifetime of learning and advancement.”

Pinnacol’s program lasts for 3 years during which students attend high school classes, receive classroom-style training from dedicated support staff, and serve on corporate teams alongside their adult colleagues, doing meaningful work of importance to the business.

Learn more about Pinnacol’s program here.

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