Return to Work™ consulting

We're passionate about supporting the healing journey.

Return to work

Watch the video to see how Pinnacol can help get your employees back to work.

Return to Work consulting

Watch the video to see how Pinnacol can help get your employees back to work.

Our job is helping injured workers get back to theirs

Studies show that the longer an employee is off work, the lower their chances of resuming work. So, let us help you put a program in place that gets your injured employee back to work healthy, safe and as quickly as possible.
Did you know:
Injured employees who don't miss any work have the best chance of a full recovery
Those who miss more than six months of work have about a 50 percent chance of getting back to their job
Missing more than one year means their chance of resuming work drops to 25 percent

About Return to Work consulting resources

One of the best ways to help an injured employee recover while keeping your claim costs down, is to offer modified work tasks.

Our Return to Work consulting experts are available to help design the right program for individual claims, or assist you in creating a proactive program to safely get your employee back to work — all at no cost.

Return to Work consulting services

Expert support and assistance is only a phone call away — and it won't cost you a thing.
Call our Return to Work consulting specialists and consultants at 303.361.4000 for help with things like:
Writing a step-by-step employer policy
Conducting on-site visits to create preplanned modified duty tasks
Overcoming obstacles in getting injured workers back to work
Assistance in formally offering modified duty to injured employees
Providing training to your staff to ensure a culture that supports modified duty
Printed materials:
Injured on the Job
critical information for employees.
Getting Back to Work
how employees can regain financial security during recovery.

Return to Work consulting programs

A program for getting workers back on the job is a proactive employer plan or policy that helps get injured workers back quickly and allows them to:
Stay connected at work
Stay connected at work
Regain financial security
Feel productive again

Modified duty

Modified duty is a temporary situation that occurs when an injured worker can perform some, but not all, of their regular job tasks. It may include modifying their essential or nonessential tasks, limiting work hours, changing work conditions or physically modifying the work place. Let our Return to Work consulting team help you identify modified duty tasks specific to your industry and the employee's injury.

Ergonomic evaluations

Our Return to Work consulting team also includes occupational therapists who can conduct on-site ergonomic evaluations designed to help decrease workplace injuries. Ergonomic evaluations can be preventive or in response to an injury, and can be requested by the policyholder, treating provider or claims representative.
Ergonomic evaluations look at:
The design of the work environment
Processes, tools and equipment
Risk factor identification and recommendations for reducing them
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