Our people

This is personal for us

Meet a few of our people.
There’s something special about working at Pinnacol Assurance. It’s not just the work we do, it’s the way we do it. Caring is at the center of what we do and who we are. We care about our customers, community and each other.

Working at Pinnacol means you could help one of your neighbors because our work has a positive effect on Colorado workers in more than 57,000 companies across the state.

Elizabeth Cisneros, Spanish Services

Sí, hablo español.

I’m a founding member of the Spanish Services team. I love that I’m able to offer interpretation assistance, and also love helping our Spanish-speaking customers with whatever request they might have. I know they appreciate the fact that we have people here who can communicate with them in their language and treat them with respect.

Rod Cole, Underwriting

When you care, it's not work.

I genuinely care about my co-workers and our customers. I believe this genuine caring makes me unique in how I interact with them. This is more than a job for me; this is my life. So when I make a decision as relates to business, these decisions come from a place of caring about the results and the people that are affected by the results. And that always makes a big difference.

Jessica Rael, Business Services

Details matter.

Every day, I put my attention to detail and love for being organized to work for my customers and teammates. I use these skills to help look for things that can be improved to provide a better experience for our customers. It's important to me, because there are many ways we support our customers and each step towards making things easier for them is a step in the right direction..