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Apprentice Spotlight: Gil, Help Desk

February 21, 2024
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By Paola, Pinnacol Claims Apprentice

Let me tell you about this amazing, second-year apprentice who has been crushing it on the Help Desk team. 

In high school, Gilbert planned to join the Marine Corps after graduation, but he wasn’t super-confident in his decision. Then, he heard about the Pinnacol Apprenticeship Program and decided to apply. In his interview, Apprenticeship Program leaders were impressed by his person-ability and drive. Seeing a huge potential in him, they offered Gil an apprenticeship. In the first few months of the program, Gil got a peek into IT, where he discovered a true passion for a team where helping people meets cutting-edge technology–the Help Desk.

On a day-to-day basis, Gil supports Pinnacol employees, responding to requests for assistance that come into the Help Desk ticketing queue. Colleagues from all over the company request Help Desk support and one of Gil’s favorite things about his job is that he often gets to meet new people. If there’s one thing Gil wants Pinnacol employees to know, it’s that apprentices love talking to, and learning from, their colleagues. If you see apprentices at Pinnacol or the Link, say hello! 

Qualities that make Gil outstanding are his dedication to continuous improvement and his hunger to learn. When Gil first started to work on the Help Desk, he would only complete a few tickets per month. Now he completes over 40 tickets a month! He also played an important role in one of the team’s most recent projects, the new Dell laptop rollout. In classroom sessions, Gil skillfully gave detailed instructions and answered questions as employees replaced their old laptops with new ones. Gil’s commitment to personal growth not only benefits him, but also enhances the quality of service he provides to Pinnacol employees.

Gil is directly supported by his Apprentice Coach, Mark Tapy, and his Apprentice Supervisors, Steve Boyd and Bren Lane. The Help Desk leaders are dedicated to his growth and engagement and support him by offering new learning opportunities and quality feedback. 

Pinnacol has helped Gil by providing a caring network, education, guidance and opportunities to grow his skills. Gil is an example of how Pinnacol’s Apprenticeship Program helps elevate students into young professionals. In return, Pinnacol gets a dedicated, talented employee to help support key operations.   

Gil’s goal for his future is to continue a career in IT. He is now studying at CSU and plans to get his bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity. His ultimate goal is stability. “I want to get to a point in life where I don’t need to struggle anymore,” Gil states.

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