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Foundation scholarship recipient honors his father’s legacy

September 19, 2022
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When Kyler was 17, his father died in a workplace accident. His father had been the provider, caretaker and comedian of the family — he was also adamant about good grades and encouraged his sons to pursue their education. “He was a pusher; he expected the best out of my brother and me,” said Kyler. “Our grades were important to him, and he knew we could achieve what we set our minds to.” After his father’s death, Kyler leaned into academics, earning a spot on the honor roll, becoming a member of the National Honor Society, and winning the 2019 CU Boulder Colorado Outstanding High School Student award.

With his Pinnacol Foundation scholarship, Kyler enrolled at Colorado State University, where he continued to thrive academically. “Being as family-oriented as my dad was, abruptly losing the person who taught me so much in life was a detrimental change,” said Kyler. “I wanted to continue his legacy by pursuing a college career, studying hard and getting good grades.” Now entering his third year of college, Kyler's thinking about what comes next for him. His dad gave him the purpose and drive to get to college, but now it’s time to choose his path forward. “I’m looking forward to my own journey,” said Kyle. “I am excited to see where my hard work and studies will take me.”

Kyler is one of 87 students across Colorado to receive a scholarship from the Pinnacol Foundation for the 2022-23 academic year. Each year, the foundation provides scholarships to ensure that the children of people seriously injured or killed on the job have the opportunity to pursue their education dreams. The average award is $4,700, and students are eligible whether or not Pinnacol was the carrier that covered the claim.

The Pinnacol Foundation scholarship program began 21 years ago with four students. Since 2000, the foundation has awarded nearly $7 million in scholarships to more than 700 students for college and vocational training. The foundation is by far the largest scholarship program in the nation, supporting the children of workers across the state who have been killed or seriously injured on the job.

Learn more about the Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship Program

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