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Pinnacol is a 2023 Youth Apprenticeship Partner of the Year

May 12, 2023
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In April, Denver Public Schools recognized Pinnacol Assurance as a 2023 Youth Apprenticeship Partner of the Year for its dedication to offering transformational opportunities to students in Denver and the surrounding communities. 

Each year, the Denver Public Schools Career and College Success program celebrates organizations that demonstrate excellence in providing work-based learning, which includes  apprenticeship opportunities to high school students. “We’re really proud to say that Denver Public Schools has the largest K-12 work-based learning that we know of in the entire country. We have an amazing team of people, and we couldn’t do it without our partners,” remarks Theress Pidick, career development director, Denver Public Schools.

Pinnacol’s award-winning commitment to apprenticeship focuses on in-demand skill development and workforce readiness through training, mentorship and coaching. A special congratulations to the more than 105 Pinnacol employees who have acted as apprentice supervisors and coaches, each taking these apprentices under their wings, sharing their knowledge and wisdom and providing them with experience that serves as a launchpad for a successful career.

The Denver Public Schools Career and College Success program has been instrumental in connecting students with apprenticeship opportunities. The program helps students explore potential career paths, gain valuable work experience and develop essential skills that will help them succeed in the workforce. 

More about Pinnacol’s apprenticeship program

Pinnacol’s youth-focused apprenticeship program is nationally recognized as one of the most established and robust youth apprenticeships in the CareerWise Colorado system. The program offers a three-year apprenticeship to high school students in the Denver metro area. It follows a “learn and earn” model that pays apprentices as they prepare for a career. Students attend high school part time and work at Pinnacol part time, all while earning a competitive hourly wage and access to the robust perks and benefits Pinnacol offers. 

Pinnacol apprentices are prepared for entry-level jobs both inside and outside the business through professional training and real-world experience. They partake in classroom-style training from dedicated support staff and serve on corporate teams alongside their adult colleagues, doing meaningful work that positively impacts the business. They can earn college credit from postsecondary partners such as CSU Global, and all students receive at least one industry certification. Since 2017, 13 apprentices have been hired on full time at Pinnacol. 

Pinnacol Assurance assumes no responsibility for management or control of customer safety activities. Please ensure your business meets the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or ordinances related to workplace safety.

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