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Top 5 ways for Amazon DSPs to save money on workers' comp

November 10, 2020
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How you can save money protecting your Amazon delivery business with workers’ comp:

Congrats! You just started as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, and you’re ready to ride the massive waves of online retail. 

While the opportunity is huge, keeping costs down is key to your success in these critical first few months. 

One place to look for savings is your workers’ compensation premium. Here are five ways to save on your policy.

1. Pay as you go 

No cash for your down payment? No problem. Pay as you earn.

Some workers’ comp carrier payment options, like our very own Pinnacol Pay Partner program, don't require a down payment. Instead, the program’s flexibility allows you to pay as you make money. 

This plan really pays off for Amazon DSPs where cash flow fluctuates from month to month. 

2. Safety services for your Amazon DSP drivers and business

Running a successful Amazon DSP is dependent on speed—but nothing slows down your operation more than a workplace injury. 

Taking the time to develop a safety policy and nurture a safety culture will pay dividends in the coming months. And Pinnacol safety consultants can provide guidance specific to your business.   

3. Trusted claims management 

Nobody wants to see an in injury on the job, but following a few basic steps can ensure your employee gets the treatment they need while keeping costs under control:

  • Give your employees your list of designated medical providers—or take them to the nearest ER if the injury is life- or limb-threatening.
  • Report the injury to your workers’ comp carrier within 24 hours
  • Collaborate with your claims representative to monitor your employee’s health and progress
  • Offer modified duty to your employee as they recover

Pinnacol claims representatives know how costly workplace injuries can become, so they focus on getting your employees healthy and back on the job as quickly as possible. 

4. Get to know providers  

After purchasing a workers’ comp policy, you’ll select the medical providers who will treat your employees in case of an injury. We recommend you go beyond checking the box and get to know your providers. 

Take the time to meet your main point of contact, find out office hours and and understand their approach to treating workers’ comp patients.  

5. Return to Work™ services 

One of the best ways to manage claims costs is by getting your employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible. That’s why Pinnacol assigns one of our Return to Work™ consultants to every Amazon DSP customer. 

These pros will help you make modified duty offers and identify tasks your employees can do until they reach full recovery. 

Find out more about how Amazon DSP premium is calculated and how you can save money on workers’ comp

Tailored, reliable workers’ compensation insurance for Amazon DSP drivers and business

Ensure your Amazon delivery business and DSP drivers are protected by joining the 56,000 Colorado businesses that trust Pinnacol to cover them.

Our policies go beyond basic coverage, providing customers with invaluable and complementary work safety and Return to Work™ services. 

Get started today by getting a free online workers’ comp quote or connecting with an agent.

Pinnacol Assurance assumes no responsibility for management or control of customer safety activities. Please ensure your business meets the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or ordinances related to workplace safety.

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