Reporting an injury

The moment we hear from you is the moment your employee begins their road to recovery.

Report injuries immediately

In Person

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Please have the following available when you report an injury:

  • Policy number
  • Injured worker's name, Social Security number, home address and occupation
  • Date of injury
  • Information about how the injury occurred

There's an injury. Now what?

First, if the injury is serious and there's the threat of loss of limb or even life, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

In all other cases:

First Report of Injury (FROI)

Learn more about how to report an injury to Pinnacol, in two minutes or less.

Filing a first report of injury (FROI) Shortcuts Video

Before they look for medical care

If the employee is not suffering from a life- or limb-threatening injury and they still require medical attention, please give them the Letter to Injured Worker that lists your four designated medical providers. We also recommend documenting that you've provided your injured employee with the letter and, whenever possible, ask them to sign and date it. Give them one signed copy and keep one signed copy for your records. If the employee is initially taken to an emergency room, the designated provider will step in afterward to manage all related follow-up care.

After the employee has received treatment

Please report the claim to us immediately. Not only will this help your employee receive the care they need, it will also reduce your claims costs and ensure a smooth claims process overall.

After we receive a First Report of Injury

We'll send you, your injured employee and the physician treating them the claim number and the name and telephone number of the claims representative handling your case.

After reporting the injury

Document the injury

Document the injury (no matter how small) for your records, and try to determine the cause.

Stay in contact with everyone involved

Stay in touch with your injured employee, the treating physician, your Pinnacol claims representative and nurse case manager.

Additional Resources

Getting back to work

Studies show that the longer an employee is off work, the lower their chances of returning. So, let us help you put a program in place that gets your injured employee back to work healthy, safe and as quickly as possible.

Reporting fraud

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