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Workers’ Memorial Day 2023

April 24, 2023
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This Friday, we commemorate National Workers’ Memorial Day, a solemn day dedicated to honoring workers who have been affected by, or lost their lives due to, workplace injuries or illnesses. As we take a moment to reflect and remember, I want to acknowledge the vital role that Pinnacol plays in supporting workers, their families and co-workers when the worst happens.

We understand that workplace injuries and illnesses not only affect the individual worker but also ripple out to whole families and communities. We’re humbled by the responsibility that comes with our mission to provide assured coverage and compassionate care. We take our role in supporting injured workers and their families very seriously and strive to provide the best possible care and assistance during difficult times.

As an organization, we’re committed to promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all employees; we believe every worker has this right and the right to return home to their loved ones at the end of each day. We work closely with our policyholders to provide resources and training to help prevent accidents and injuries, and we are proud of the progress we’ve made together. That also includes the impact you have made through the Pinnacol Foundation which for more than 20 years as the largest scholarship program of its kind, supports the families impacted by severe or fatal workplace-related illness or injuries. 

On this solemn occasion, I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication in serving our policyholders and their employees. Your efforts help us fulfill our mission to provide a safety net for injured workers and their families. For that, we are truly grateful.

As we honor those who have lost their lives, let us also recommit ourselves to the important work we do every day. Let us continue to work together to promote safety and prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. And let us remember that our work has a real impact on the lives of others and that we have the power to make a positive difference in our communities.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and to each other.

-John O'Donnell, Pinnacol President and CEO

Pinnacol Assurance assumes no responsibility for management or control of customer safety activities. Please ensure your business meets the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or ordinances related to workplace safety.

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