When temperatures drop, the risk of injury rises.

40% of claims
result from slipping

Every winter Colorado sees a drastic increase in injuries due to slipping, tripping and falling on ice and snow.

In fact, the spike is so significant that our data reveals the most dangerous season for Colorado workers is always wintertime because of slippery conditions.

Workers and their employers aren’t the only ones who should be more mindful of safety in the winter. Slips and falls are risks for all Coloradans.

 Walk like a Pinnacol penguin to cross icy surfaces safely.

Inspired by our sponsored penguin exhibit at the Denver Zoo, here are winter safety tips to avoid slipping and falling.

Minimize distractions. Focus on balance.

Multi-tasking is hard enough without walking on a slippery surface. Put your safety first by eliminating distractions: put your phone away and keep your arms out and to the side for balance.

Slow and steady footsteps are the key.

Go slowly, making sure you are taking short, shuffling steps. In winter conditions, wear shoes with good grip and traction to reduce your risk of slipping and falling on ice and snow. 

Place your center of gravity over your front leg.

With your feet flat and toes pointed out, simultaneously shift your weight to the leg stepping and keep your center of gravity (front torso) aligned with your front leg.

Should you fall—fall safely.

Accidents are inevitable. Reduce the impact of and damage from hitting the ground by using these steps for falling safely.

Stay loose and don’t tense up.
Protect your head.
Keep rolling.

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Avoiding slips and falls, like a penguin, is just the tip of the safety guidance iceberg.

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