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Pinnacol’s Other States Coverage (OSC) program: What agents need to know

Other States Coverage. Keep growing — we’ve got you covered.

Our OSC program provides Colorado customers with dependable and consistent coverage beyond state lines. If you have a customer who needs workers’ comp coverage in another state or who might be expanding their business in the near future, please contact your Pinnacol underwriter.

Our OSC program features:

  • An underwriting philosophy that allows for all state’s coverage on OSC policies.
  • A smooth and automatic renewal process 一 we no longer require a bind request.
  • OSC policy packets on the Agent and Policyholder Portals.
  • A broad risk guidance, including contractors.
  • Options for businesses, even when the majority of their risk is not in Colorado.
  • Clear guidance on when we will and won’t backdate.
  • A team of OSC experts ready to answer your underwriting and claims questions.

Take a look at this video to learn more.

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Pinnacol's Expanded Other States Coverage Program

Want more information about Pinnacol’s Other States Coverage program? 

If you have a customer who needs workers' comp coverage in another state, please contact us. Your Pinnacol agency relationship manager can walk you through everything you need to know about our Other States Coverage program, including: 

  • Names and contact information for your agency's Pinnacol OSC team.
  • The referral process for agents. 
  • Pinnacol's Other States Coverage risk guidelines
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.

OSC resources on the Agent Portal

Log in to the Agent Portal to access all of our OSC resources, including:

  • OSC Instruction Guide for Agents 
  • Backdating Other States Coverage Policies 
  • Extraterritorial and reciprocity by state guide 
  • OSC Workers’ Compensation Program Claims Resource

You can also download this PDF for more details about the Other States Coverage program including how to submit a quote, etc. Please reach out to your Pinnacol underwriter today if you have questions or would like more information.