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Pinnacol’s Quincy Douglass receives 2023 Denver Business Journal C-Suite Award

August 17, 2023
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Douglass recognized for key contributions to Pinnacol’s mission to care for Colorado in a rapidly changing post-pandemic work environment 

Denver, CO – August 17, 2023 Colorado based workers’ compensation carrier Pinnacol Assurance proudly shares that Quincy Douglass, affectionately known as "Q," has been recognized as a 2023 C-Suite Award winner by the Denver Business Journal. The award honors C-suite executives (aside from CEOs) in the Denver metro area who play a crucial role in executing a company’s mission in a rapidly changing environment. Nominees demonstrate steadfast dedication to driving operational excellence and innovation within the organization and the community, and show an exceptional ability to lead in times of prosperity and crisis. 

Douglass spearheaded transformative initiatives that have strengthened Pinnacol’s ability to support a post-pandemic, remote workforce with customer centricity and digital innovation. His unique leadership style, characterized by warmth, approachability, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of Colorado workers and businesses, sets him apart in a sea of corporate executives.

Under Douglass’s guidance, Pinnacol has achieved remarkable milestones that aim to enhance the lives of its customers and uplift its employees and the community. Pinnacol’s record-setting Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61 significantly surpasses the industry average of 31, underscoring Douglass’ relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. In an annual survey administered by the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation, injured workers have rated Pinnacol with top satisfaction rates on every measure for the last eight years. This year, Pinnacol leads the top 5 national workers’ compensation carriers with a record-setting overall score of 4.2 out of 5 and 4.48 out of 5 among Spanish speakers – another testament to the compassionate and inclusive claims handling standard set by Douglass. 

Douglass’s visionary leadership extends beyond KPIs to encompass operational innovation and cultural transformation. He recognized a need for digital transformation and led the launch of a portal that transformed customer interactions, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency. Quincy sees diversifying Pinnacol's workforce as a major component of success in the coming years. As co-sponsor of the organization's award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative, Quincy is supporting the transformation of a historically-homogenous industry into an inclusive and diverse place to work by investing in growing leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Douglass actively participates in Pinnacol's employee volunteer program, contributing his time and effort to various community organizations. Additionally, he serves as a mentor to employees, prioritizing the growth and development of individuals from historically marginalized groups.

Claims Director Jeni Shaw said, “One of the things that I love most about working at Pinnacol and for Quincy is that we do the right thing even when it is hard or costs us something—he embodies integrity over everything else.”

As the state’s partner and an ally for Colorado employers and injured workers, Douglass envisions a future where employers across the state have increased access to Pinnacol amid a changing workforce and post-pandemic economy. “Pinnacol’s culture of caring for Colorado workers and their families is core to everything we do,” Douglass said. “Unlike private national carriers, we’re uniquely positioned to be directly accountable and responsive to the needs of Colorado workers and employers and their families in a post-pandemic environment. We are committed to fostering that deeply personal relationship with our customers as we grow.”

About Pinnacol Assurance:

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