To us, caring for Colorado is more than kindness — it‘s our passion.
It’s why so many Coloradans depend on us to deliver them best-in-class care. We do the little things that mean so much and deliver tangible results that speak for themselves.
1 Million
Colorado workers protected
Colorado businesses covered

Pinnacol cares hard, and Colorado is stronger for it.

A healthy workforce makes for a robust economy. We maintain Colorado’s only workers’ comp medical provider network that ensures better care for injured workers, enabling them to heal and return to work faster. With the largest safety team in the state, we help prevent workplace injuries, and we’re there to help when the unexpected happens. Through specialized services, such as our support of Spanish-speaking workers and our esteemed return-to-work program, Pinnacol is committed to supporting the people of Colorado.

Injured workers rate Pinnacol as the top-performing workers' compensation carrier in Colorado.*

*Based on the 2021 Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation's injured workers satisfaction survey.
Injured Worker Satisfaction Scores Ranks Pinnacol the highest at 4.1 versus 3.6 from Other carriers
Hear injured workers' stories in their own words.

Providing tailored safety to Colorado

As Colorado’s leading workers’ compensation provider, we’re there when the unexpected happens and a worker gets injured on the job, but we work relentlessly to prevent injuries from ever happening. With the largest safety team in the state, we protect Colorado’s workforce like no other. We guarantee the health and wellness of employees in every corner of the state, and unlike many carriers, Pinnacol’s safety team reports directly to the Colorado worker.

“Our approach is fundamentally about the worker and keeping them safer because we care deeply about the impact of workplace injuries on families, work cultures and communities.”
- Pinnacol’s Director of Safety Innovation and Strategy, Josh Kreger
A business is only as strong as its people, so Pinnacol’s safety consultants identify hazards and solutions that address the individual workers’ needs. Our team of experts offers Colorado employers customized safety solutions that meet them where they’re at in their safety journey. Through innovative risk intelligence, we’re empowering workers and employers to do their best work every day.
Since 2017, Pinnacol’s safety services team has:

Visited 7,965 Colorado employers

Spent 47,356 hours on employer consulting

Invested $25M in worker safety

Meet the team

Pinnacol’s safety services is comprised of three teams that offer innovation, education and experience, and business support.

Strengthening employers from the Western Slope to the Eastern Plains

With over 100 years of experience protecting the people of Colorado, Pinnacol is different. We understand Colorado industries better than anyone else does, so we’re responsive to the needs of employers and their workers. We show up for the employers of Colorado every day to make a meaningful difference. Our Net Promoter Score — a measure of the likelihood a policyholder would recommend us to others — is 61 compared to the industry average of 31.
Our best-in-class safety services are available to all of our customers free of charge. We’re empowering Colorado employers to prevent workplace injuries and promote employee well-being — all while reducing costs. It’s a win-win — when employees are protected, businesses can succeed. That’s a strong Colorado.

Building a brighter community

We're committed to making a difference in the lives of Coloradans, which is why we give back to our customers and the community at large. In 2021, we donated over $1.5 million and 1,150 volunteer hours to local communities through grantmaking, scholarships, volunteerism, sustainability efforts, and championing diversity, equity and inclusion. Our revered scholarship program and award-winning apprenticeship program help shape and develop Colorado’s future workforce. We're honored to be recognized as one of Colorado's 50 most community-minded companies for the fourth year in a row. Providing compassionate care is at the heart of what we do, and that extends into the communities where we live and work.

Investing in Colorado's future workforce.

In partnership with CareerWise Colorado, Pinnacol offers a three-year apprenticeship program to high school students in the Denver metro area. Apprentices are paid competitive hourly wages as they learn and prepare for a career. Our program was recently featured in The Denver Post for its achievements and widespread recognition. “Colorado’s Pinnacol Assurance is looked at nationally — the U.S. Department of Labor recently visited — as a model of a successful youth apprenticeship program,” said The Denver Post.

“An apprenticeship will change your life. As a high schooler, I didn’t think insurance sounded that interesting, but look at all I’ve done. I’m learning so much, and now I know there is much more to the job than I thought.”
- Naari Navarro, Pinnacol Apprentice
The youth-focused apprenticeship program demonstrates our commitment to developing the future of Colorado’s workforce. Since its inception in 2017, the program has enrolled 63 apprentices. Twelve apprentices have been hired at Pinnacol full-time and 83% of those hires have been from BIPOC backgrounds.
Our apprenticeship program has received numerous awards for its ability to offer transformational opportunities to students while creating a pipeline of young trained talent. Pinnacol has set the standard of what a successful youth apprenticeship program looks like, and proves how revolutionary paid training opportunities can be.
“Colorado's Pinnacol Assurance is looked at nationally—the U.S. Department of Labor recently visited—as a model of a successful youth apprenticeship program.”
- The Denver Post

Not your grandpa’s apprenticeships: Colorado invests in paid training as a way into the workforce

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