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I've been injured at work

If your injury is life- or limb-threatening, please go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. In all other cases, please report the injury to your employer immediately.

I'd like to see a doctor

Please let your employer know you've been injured and ask for a list of designated workers' compensation providers. These providers have received special training in the care of work-related injuries and will treat you and manage any related follow-up care. If you choose your own doctor, it may result in medical benefits not being covered.

How do I get back to work?

Throughout your recovery, your claims representative stays in contact with you, your physician and your employer to ensure that you're receiving the right medical attention and follow-up care that will help you safely return to work. Learn more about who plays a part in your recovery.

How do I manage my claim?

When a claim is filed, your claims representative is here to help you on your journey to recovery. You'll receive their phone number, and can also view the status of your claim at any time by logging into the injured worker online claims website. View my claims.

What benefits could I be entitled to?

After a work-related injury, worker's comp insurance provides benefits to help you recover, including reimbursement for lost wages. There's no need to worry about medical expenses. We cover any authorized and related medical care at 100 percent, with no co-pays or deductibles, including prescriptions. Learn more about benefits.

Do I need an attorney?

Everyone has the right to retain legal counsel. And while we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have, we're unable to provide legal advice.

How can I learn more about the claims process?

The Pinnacol Claims Video Series was designed to help you understand the claims process and what you need to do. Watch now.

We help make navigating the claims process simple

Reporting an injury immediately and actively managing your recovery will help you feel better and get back to work sooner.

Report an injury

Initial treatment

Return to work

Ongoing Care

Claims closure

The Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship program

We created our scholarship program to ensure that the children of Coloradans seriously injured or killed on the job have the opportunity to pursue their education dreams. For more information, visit the Pinnacol Foundation website or call 303.361.4775.
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